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20 martie 2023

This is the end...

...pentru călugărul lui Tsai Ming Liang.

A anunțat chiar el, pe pagina sa de fb.

„凡事有開始 就有結束 行者在沙丘 終於落幕

五年不短 也不長 我是滿心歡喜的 並且感激 覺得很難得 好多人去過沙丘 看見了聲遠的建築 親近了我的影像 有人說他不止去過一次 每一次都有不同的感受 真好 仿彿一本好書放在書架上 想看就抽下來翻閱 那本書就一直放在書架上
如今行者下架了 不知道會是怎樣的作品來接替他的位置 希望也是一本好書 並且有足夠的時間讓人取閱 不然就要辜負沙丘這麽好的一塊地方了 至於行者要去哪裡 可以不必擔心 四海為家 他會找到一個安身的地方 我們再會”

A, nu e clar ce zice?

Bine, punem textul într-un motoraș de traducere și rezultă asta:

„Everything has a beginning, there is an end, walker in the sand dunes, finally the curtain ends.
Five years is not short nor long, I am happy and grateful. I feel it's rare that many people have been to the sand dunes and seen the buildings that are far away, close to my image. 

Some people say he's been there more than once and every time he feels different. It's good to imitate a good book on the shelf. If you want to read it, take it down and read it.

Now the walker is off the shelves, I don't know what kind of work it will take his place, hopefully it's a good book, and there's enough time for people to read it, otherwise you'll have to fail such a good place as the sand dune. As for where the walker* is going, don't have to worry.”

* Acel link nu a venit odată cu traducerea, l-am pus eu acolo 👆 pentru context.