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Hello, stranger...

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duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

"Four is what...?" (6) [Emmanuelle Riva in Hiroshima, mon amour]

Screenshots from Hiroshima, mon amour (dir. Alain Resnais/1959)

Și-n minte persistă vocea tristă a Emmanuellei Riva, alegându-și cu grijă vorbele, la fel de actuale acum ca și atunci și, probabil, ca întotdeauna: 
Listen to me. I know something else. It will begin again. Two hundred thousand dead and eighty thousand wounded in nine seconds. Those are the official figures. It will begin again. It will be ten thousand degrees on the earth. Ten thousand suns, people will say. The asphalt will burn. Chaos will prevail. An entire city will be lifted off the ground, then fall back to earth in ashes.