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11 iulie 2012

Storaro, cinematographer

To me, making a film is like resolving conflicts between light and dark, cold and warmth, blue and orange or other contrasting colors. There should be a sense of energy, or change of movement. A sense that time is going on - light becomes night, which reverts to morning. Life becomes death. Making a film is like documenting a journey and using light in the style that best suits that particular picture… the concept behind it.” 
Screenshots from Il conformista (dir. Bernardo Bertolucci/1970), cinematographer Vittorio Storaro
It is difficult to transmit your feelings into pure energy. You have to translate the energy. When I realised that, I began to really understand what cinematography was about. Light is energy. The energy is stopped by an object or a person and received on film through a little piece of glass and then processed in the laboratory and printed. It’s like the paper and pen for a writer, or a canvas for a painter.