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04 aprilie 2010

About light, speed and style in Chungking Express

"When we're shooting the film these walls were all reflective. We never knew when sunlight would be available. Many people thought that the lighting was part of our style. In fact, it wasn't, we had no choice! So what we were forced to do has become a style." (Christopher Doyle)

"In this film we performed many tricks with speed. We could lenghten one second, we could make one centimetre very long or very short. This was what the story was about. (...) Making this film was like a liberation. Not only I felt this, the crew and the actors did as well. It was an inspiration, it was a new film-making experience. If you go to the basics, the film-making is very simple. You may have elaborate sets, props or production, but the process is the most important thing, it has to be enjoyable. When I see this film now, when I see Chungking Express, I don't watch the story, I reflect on the making of those scenes. I feel that it was a wonderful experience." (Wong Kar Wai)

(texts and screencaptures from the Chungking Express DVD feature - bonus material /Artificial Eye edition)