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07 mai 2012

Monday Monologues (LXII)

„ I am the great traitor. There must be no other. Anyone who even thinks about deserting this mission will be cut up into 198 pieces. Those pieces will be stamped on until what is left can be used only to paint walls. Whoever takes one grain of corn or one drop of water... more than his ration, will be locked up for 155 years. If I, Aguirre, want the birds to drop dead from the trees... then the birds will drop dead from the trees. I am the wrath of god. The earth I pass will see me and tremble. But whoever follows me and the river, will win untold riches. But whoever deserts.... (...) Mexico was no illusion. If we turn back now, others will come. And they will succeed and we'll remain a failure! Even if this land consists of trees and water we will conquer it! And it'll be milked dry by those who follow us. My men measure riches in gold. It is more. It is power and fame. I despise them for it.” (Klaus Kinski as Don Lope de Aguirre in Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes, dir. Werner Herzog/1972)